Be About it

My Story

Keyfa is a brand that hopes to inspire others through its images and outlook on life. With each exclusive design it looks to spark others to find their own key!

I'm Chris Da Silva and I'm a designer based in LA. Keyfa was a nickname given to me by my older sister. I embraced the name because of its uniqueness and  over time the name Keyfa has turned into a life motto. We are all different and extraordinarily special.  It is not only until we can embrace our differences that we can find our key to freedom and happiness. Accepting one’s true self makes for a healthy mind, body and spirit. And it is only when our mind, body and spirit are in sync that we can truly live free.

We must find our "key" within!

The Keyfa line start off with the "key hole" which represent opportunity. The "key" signifies freedom - Freedom to unlock all the greatness of our unknowing future. The "owl" sees what we cannot see. It guides us and protect us from falling off path and lead us to one day unlock the key to life. Finally the number "3", symbolizes creativity, freedom-seeking, and joy.